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Personal and Business Development Expert, Joe Hammer, That Small Business Guy, Scottsdale, ArzionaThat’s really what you want out of your advertising and marketing dollars, right? However, in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, entrepreneurs like you are confronted with ever-increasing challenges to get your company “fair notice” in the market – much less effectively and powerfully stand out as the consumer’s first choice for your product or service.

Hi, I’m Joe Hammer – That Small Business Guy. I work with entrepreneurs across the country, teaching them how to assemble and implement highly-effective marketing and advertising  tools – and sharpen them to maximum effectiveness.That Small Business Guy, Joe Hammer - Scottsdale, Arizona Differentiating your company and its goods amid the jungle of 3000+ advertising and marketing messages consumers are exposed to every day can be a daunting task. Yesterday’s time-worn advertising techniques miserably fail in today’s “meal-in-a-minute” society. Busy consumers make quick, gut level purchasing decisions and…

It’s no longer just about “Quality”…

Once-upon-a-time, if you offered a high-quality product or service, consumers hunted you down. It’s not that way any more. Take a look at some of the most successful companies and you’ll often discover their products and services to be inferior to that offered by their quality-conscious competition; yet they are considerably more successful. It defies logic… but it’s a sad fact.  To be successful today requires…

Scientific and Psychological Marketing

Today’s wealthy business professionals understand they must re-engineer their marketing strategies psychologically and scientifically as well as logically. Today’s consumers are a mouse-click away from your aggressive competition.

My Subconscious Motivation™, S.M.A.R.T. Marketing System™, and Business EXCELeration™ programs deliver energized, high-impact, take-back-and-put-to-work strategies that can be immediately and effectively put to work in any business. No textbook theory, no time-worn advice – just hard-hitting marketing and advertising strategies to re-position your business and experience a greater return on your advertising dollars.

And let’s not forget balance in your life and relationships. Without that, what good is everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve? There isn’t a luggage rack on the hearse.

Whether we connect through a mentoring/coaching/consulting package, private session, webinar, seminar, workshop or breakout session at your next event or program, you’ll get RESULTS with my life and business development strategies.

Take a look around … and let’s get to work!

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