Are You Dripping on Your New Clients?

It’s called Drip Marketing – a communication process where a progressive business provides (or “drips”) a pre-assembled, pre-determined number of messages to customers or prospects over a specific time period.

These messages can take the form of a combination of emails, post cards, phone calls, direct mail pieces, etc. Unlike database marketing where an entire list of clients receives the same message, an effective drip campaign utilizes a specific timing of messages that follow a pre-determined course. Further, the messages are provided in a series applicable to a specific behavior or status of the client or prospect.

The Groupon Experience

I see a lot of businesses using Groupon to introduce their product or service to the marketplace. It’s a good lead generation device, however most never a profitable venture for the business providing it. This is becasue most businesses using it don’t have a “back end” process to capture, maintain and nutrure the new prospective client.

For example, a hair salon offers a Groupon (or other lead generation device) for a deep discounted service, such as a haircut. They are then inundated with a flock of new discount-seeking “prospects.” The salon believes these new clients will return because of “the great service” provided by the salon.

Not true.

First off, a number of these prospects are discount shoppers. These folks only “follow the best deal” and unlikely to return. Secondly, some would have returned, but didn’t receive a good experience – often because they were treated as a secondary prospect due to their redeeming a Groupon deal (Trust me, I’ve experienced this kind of attitude).

Most all would gladly return, but they just need some attention and schmoozing. Attention outside of what they are used to. That is, to make their Groupon purchase a Disney-like experience and followed up with a relentless appreciation for their business.

For example, they arrive with their Groupon code. You introduce yourself. You introduce them to your staff members. You offer them a tour of your salon. You provide them with a copy of your Salon’s Consumer Guide to Professional Hair Care.

You thank them for considering your business for their hair needs, and let them know you recognize they have a lot of choices of salons, and that you will be sure they are well cared for and satisfied with the results.

You offer them refreshment along with a client information card, consisting of a series of simple checkboxes and a few questions about their hair concerns. At the bottom of this form is a space for their name, address, phone number and email address.

You treat them like they are a guest in your home.

You then briefly review discuss the “hair concerns” they have expressed and carry out your service.

Upon completion of the service, you offer them a goody bag of sample products (provided to you by vendors) and again, thank them for their business.

Drip, Drip, Drip

That evening you prepare a personal postcard, thanking them for coming by your salon; a personal, handwritten note. If you know she was about to take their daughter to her first tap dancing class, mention that in your personal note.

Enter the new client’s information in your drip marketing email campaign, whereby he or she gets a series of 7 weekly hair care tips. An opt-out notice is with every email, so he/she doesn’t feel spammed by your marketing efforts. The first email again thanks them for their business and introduces the “7 little-know n secrets to better hair.” with tip #1 included.

The second email, received a week later, provides tip #2 along with a another deeply discounted special offer at your salon.

And the drip process continues… postcards, emails, direct mail pieces, etc.

Do you see how this gracefully embraces the new prospect, provides them value, benefits and grateful recognition of their patronage to your business?

Drip on your clients’ they’ll love you for it.

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