The Inverted Stool Syndrome

Why do lion tamers take a stool with them into the cage when training a ferocious lion? And why do they hold the stool upside down, thrusting its legs toward the growling beast? The answer is interesting… the stool is used as a psychological training tool.  The lion attempts to focus on all of the legs of […]


Your company’s identity is a very powerful, yet silent salesperson. The logo, an important element of the identity, sits quietly in the minds of consumers in the marketplace. Then, when your product or service is needed, your company’s identity hopefully pops into the consumer’s consciousness. This known, it should only make sense to boil down your logo “mark” into […]

Find the Buzz

We know we have to sell the sizzle, not the steak – that is, look for the emotionally-appealing aspects of our product or service instead of the mere features. On top of that, we know we have to find the “buzz” – that unique spin that makes our goods stand apart from the competition. The […]

Give Me Some Space!

Okay, so either you trusted your sign guy or you simply don’t have a clue. I think we need a little space between Kids and Exchange, don’t ya think? The mere fact this sign was up long enough to obtain a photo tells me this perceived (more…)

Owner Ego Strikes Again

Okay Mark, so you’re proud of your new video store; I get it. But get past your ego and look at the perceptive value your new sign demonstrates to your customers. I hate to burst your bubble, but consumers could care less who owns the place. (more…)

A Price Increasement? Huh?

 Take a look at this witty sign, spewed from the ‘ol inkjet printer of a foggy entrepreneur without a clue. Obviously proofreading (and grammer) are optional, even though I am thanked for understanding their attempt at communication. Oh, and he used a dollar sign to convey (more…)

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