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Effective Advertising and Marketing Strategies Being Used by Savvy Entrepreneurs to Grow Their Business


Are You Dripping on Your New Clients?

It’s called Drip Marketing – a communication process where a progressive business provides (or “drips”) a pre-assembled, pre-determined number of messages to customers or prospects over a specific time period. These messages can take the form of a combination (more…)

Advertising Scents

I live in Arizona; HOT Arizona… And I also enjoy riding the bike (the Harley kind of bike)… When cruising the streets on a 100+ degree day (Yeah, it’s a dry heat) I’m exposed to a plethora of scents; some good, some not so good.. From the greasy aroma of a fast food restaurant to the […]

Find the Buzz

We know we have to sell the sizzle, not the steak – that is, look for the emotionally-appealing aspects of our product or service instead of the mere features. On top of that, we know we have to find the “buzz” – that unique spin that makes our goods stand apart from the competition. The […]

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