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Logo Design 101ish

From Joe Hammer’s  “Brand Bullshit – Beyond the Logo”  A logo is a graphic rendition of your company’s identity. It should be comprised of a unique font style (no standard issue fonts), signature color palette, and often an icon or symbol. Some logos are known only by their (more…)


What’s Your Archetype?

Carl Jung’s Archetypes – Which one are you? Psychologist Carl Jung discovered four distinct archetypes we experience as we process through our stages of life. The word Archetype comes from the root Greek words, archein, which means “original or old” and typos, which means, “pattern, model or type.” (more…)

The Inverted Stool Syndrome

Why do lion tamers take a stool with them into the cage when training a ferocious lion? And why do they hold the stool upside down, thrusting its legs toward the growling beast? The answer is interesting… the stool is used as a psychological training tool.  The lion attempts to focus on all of the legs of […]


Your company’s identity is a very powerful, yet silent salesperson. The logo, an important element of the identity, sits quietly in the minds of consumers in the marketplace. Then, when your product or service is needed, your company’s identity hopefully pops into the consumer’s consciousness. This known, it should only make sense to boil down your logo “mark” into […]

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