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Sometimes You Have To See It to Believe It.. So Here It Is…

google glass

Google Glass – Lunacy or Major Convenience?

Okay, so there’s been a lot of scuttlebutt about Google Glass – the new glasses with built-in data management. It’s all been a little vague to me, so I decided to do a little research last night before I went to sleep. I have a nasty habit of cracking open the notebook for some (more…)


No More Tan Lines?

I’m sure you’ve seen the cute Coppertone girl who has been around for decades. She’s depicted in the company logo – an adorable little pig-tailed blond, along with a playful dog tugging on her swimsuit bottom and exposing her obvious tan line. (more…)

Peeling Back The Obvious Truth

There’s a Dunn-Edwards paint store a couple miles from my crib. It’s a great place, nestled right there on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard – a pretty busy street here in Scottsdale. However, there’s a serious problem looking over this establishment… (more…)

Give Me Some Space!

Okay, so either you trusted your sign guy or you simply don’t have a clue. I think we need a little space between Kids and Exchange, don’t ya think? The mere fact this sign was up long enough to obtain a photo tells me this perceived (more…)

Owner Ego Strikes Again

Okay Mark, so you’re proud of your new video store; I get it. But get past your ego and look at the perceptive value your new sign demonstrates to your customers. I hate to burst your bubble, but consumers could care less who owns the place. (more…)

A Price Increasement? Huh?

 Take a look at this witty sign, spewed from the ‘ol inkjet printer of a foggy entrepreneur without a clue. Obviously proofreading (and grammer) are optional, even though I am thanked for understanding their attempt at communication. Oh, and he used a dollar sign to convey (more…)

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