Put Joe to Work In Your Business

As a Lifetime Entrepreneur, Joe Hammer is a small business expert who has “walked the walk.” If you recognize and desire to benefit from the focused, targeted advice of an experienced professional, you’re in the right place!

One of Joe’s clients referred to him as a “human encyclopedia” of business success tips, techniques and marketing strategies. He is the founder of S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Systems™, Influential Perceptioning™ and Small Business EXCELeration™ Programs, all designed to assist business owners with more effective advertising and marketing strategies.

Whether you desire to powerfully separate your company and its products and services from the competition, become a recognized expert in your market, assemble fail-safe systems to eliminate recurring problems, attract more desirable clients, or increase the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts in today’s over-communicated world, Joe Hammer can help!

His audience members and clients have successfully put his highly-effective advice to work in their businesses… and you can too!

Joe's Areas of Expertise

• Direct Response Marketing
• Copy Writing
• Lead Generation Advertising
• Product/Service Differentiation
• Media, Print & Web Integration
• Test Marketing
• Entrepreneurship & Business Start-Up
• Positioning & Identity Development
• Graphic Design
• Influential Presenting & Speaking Skills
• Systems Development
• Subconscious Motivation
• Target & Segment Marketing

Excelerated Consulting

Joe Hammer’s consulting fee is $350 per hour. His local fee (the greater Phoenix area) is $250 per hour. Depending on your level of need, you may also contract his services on a “per project” basis.

For most consulting projects, you can hire Joe for a one-hour telephone coaching session or online webinar, billed by the hour. More intensive sessions and larger project-based work are billed based on project length and scope.

Please contact Joe for a quote.

Excelerated Coaching

Excelerated Coaching is excellent for executives, small business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, budding entrepreneurs, and individuals desiring to get “unstuck” and banish limitations present in their business or career.

Unlike many coaching programs, Joe does not use staff members to carry out his consultative and coaching work. Joe Hammer will be the exclusive resource for those who enroll in his program. He is available no matter where the coaching client is at the moment of need. Travel costs are unnecessary. Joe maintains eleven (11) clients in this coaching program. You will be considered only if a spot is available. Coaching investment is flexible and private; may be paid with corporate or personal funds. Joe now offers two investment options for his confidential coaching program.

Coaching Program Objectives:

• Provide real-time, confidential assistance on issues and concerns currently confronting coaching clients.

• Establish long-term, step-by-step strategies, individualized for each coaching client.

• Allow maximum flexibility for the coaching client’s needs.

• Provide immediate responsiveness. Phone calls returned within an hour; 24 hour response to e-mail and fax correspondence. Mailed correspondence reviewed and responded to within 24 hours of receipt.

• Use of technology for coaching client’s convenience.

Participants Must:

• have a need for independent and objective coaching on business concerns to enhance competence, performance, and marketplace identity, as well as assistance with specific issues and/or with long-term plan

• accept feedback well and willing to change behavior and have ability to think about issues in a new context

• be results oriented and pragmatic.

• respect a sounding board to reflect validity of current behaviors and performance.

Program Specifics and Investment:

The program is designed to operate at 30-day intervals. If multiple intervals are reserved, discounts are available.

Option #1: Continual Access

Up to three (3) phone calls and ten (10) emails per week, received and returned within the customer’s business hours.

Fee for Option #1: $500 per 30 day interval. Calls and emails are not cumulative and cannot be carried over to following weeks.

Option #2: Unlimited Access

As many e-mails and phone calls as desired by coaching client, with responses provided as needed and not subject to business hours (for example, a Saturday call may be required in anticipation of a meeting conducted on Monday morning).

Fee for Option #2: $1,000 per 30 day interval. Calls and emails are not cumulative and cannot be carried over to following weeks.

Investment Payments:

Payments must be made in advance. Enrollment for two intervals provide a 10% discount; for three, a 15% discount; and four or more carry an impressive 20% discount.

With either option, calls are returned within 90 minutes, and e-mails within the same day. Conventional mail, courier packages, and faxes are reviewed and replied to within 24 hours of receipt.

How to Enroll:

To apply for enrollment into Joe’s coaching program, click here.

Joe will contact you, review your situation, and see if you’re a candidate for his coaching programs. If he feels he can meet your needs, he will inform you and and discuss when you both can begin the process.

Once payment is made, Joe will set up an initial phone conversation to discuss your concerns and needs, and how best to proceed. There must be a “meeting of the minds” and amicable acceptance of the conditions set forth during the phone call. Participation is limited as Joe only manages eleven (11) coaching clients.

Remember, this program is ideal for those needing specific, situational, rapid and objective help, as well as those who are seeking longer range assistance with their business development plans. Again, you will never deal with anyone other than Joe Hammer in his confidential coaching program.

Take Joe for a Test Drive

Are you uncertain if Joe can assist you?

Don’t be.

To demonstrate the value Joe will bring to your bottom line, he is making his time available to you at considerably less than his standard consultation fee. For a limited time, you can get a high impact, 90 minute telephone consultation with Joe for only $297!

During this telephone consultation you can discuss your most formidable marketing challenges. Pick Joe’s brain; you’ll soon have a full plate of ideas!

Free Bonus

Just to be sure you don’t miss anything, Joe will also provide you with a free recording of your consultation! You’ll be glad you have it so you can review the many techniques and strategies Joe will disclose during your time together.

Plus, Your Consultation Could Be FREE!

Should you desire to continue utilizing Joe’s consulting or coaching services, as many do, the $297 you paid for this consultation can be applied toward your account, making your initial consultation FREE!*

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* ($297 credit applied to first consultation assignment. New clients only)

* ($297 credit applied to first consultation assignment. New clients only)

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