Advertising Scents

I live in Arizona; HOT Arizona…

And I also enjoy riding the bike (the Harley kind of bike)…

When cruising the streets on a 100+ degree day (Yeah, it’s a dry heat) I’m exposed to a plethora of scents; some good, some not so good.. From the greasy aroma of a fast food restaurant to the sweet smell of freshly-baked breads and pastries; the smell of a backyard barbecue to the exhaust of a diesel delivery truck, those and more are forever-present during a day of riding.

So, the day is winding down and I decide to head off to yoga class. HOT yoga (hot, like a 110 degree room with 40% humidity). The heat and humidity of a hot yoga class brings with it a refreshing, cleansing and detoxifying sweat.

I’m a third of the way into class and I notice something…

I stink.

Now, please understand, it’s not a nasty, foul “BO” kind of stink, but just a smell I’d rather not be identified with when I’m in a crowd. I discovered my hair has captured, absorbed and combined a few of those scents I’ve been exposed to when out on the bike during the day.

I’m becoming a little self-conscious of it. So, after class I approach one of my fellow yogis I’ve come to know over the years. I then ask her a pretty straight-forward question:

“Be honest … Did I stink in class today?”

She replied, “No, not at all. In fact I think you are wearing the same cologne as my boyfriend. I got a whiff of it during class.” She then leans forward and smells my neck. At that point I’m thinking that I may be losing a friend for life – but she then says, “No, Joe, you don’t stink.”

Ahhhh, relief…

I really don’t stink! It’s only me who noticed the smell!

So, what does my odoriferous yoga scent have to do with your business?

Your ad campaigns.

You’re running a successful ad, then – for no valid reason – you decide to change it. And when I ask you why you did so, you say, “because I just got tired of it.”

Just as I noticed a bit of a gamey smell on myself, didn’t mean others were noticing it. Similarly, just because you’re tired of your ad, doesn’t mean the market is tired of it. Unless the new ad has a quantified track record for pulling a better response than the ad you’re thinking about trashing, don’t do it. It’s the ad’s success in the marketplace that matters, not your opinion.

Consistency sells. Don’t nurture a schizophrenic identity in an already cluttered marketplace. Stick with what works and be consistent in your promotions.

I’m going to take a shower now.

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