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To show my appreciation of you spending a few minutes on,
and to give you a taste of what I’m all about, I have a few free gifts for you…

Special Report #1:
12 Deadly Marketing Mistakes Made by
Most Every Small Business

Find out with this enlightening quick-read on the deadly dozen … mistakes made by a lot of entrepreneurs. Are you making them in your business?

Plus: Joe’s Marketing Munchies
Notorious Nibbles of Small Business Wisdom

Just an occasional email tip you can put to immediate work in your business. Occasionally I’ll also include details on my upcoming seminars, workshops or webinars. I won’t inundate you with emails because I have a business to run. Go figure, eh?

Enjoy your visit and contact me if I can assist you with your business…

Special Report #2:
Power Practices – 12 Strategies to Double
the Sales of Your Product or Service

Plug these simple yet effective strategies into your marketing mix and watch the profits increase.


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