No More Tan Lines?

I’m sure you’ve seen the cute Coppertone girl who has been around for decades. She’s depicted in the company logo – an adorable little pig-tailed blond, along with a playful dog tugging on her swimsuit bottom and exposing her obvious tan line. The logo is a cult-classic and has powerfully positioned Coppertone as a leader in suntan lotion.

I was looking at the Sunday paper and noticed a display ad for Coppertone. I couldn’t believe what I saw… the historic logo was modified! Low-and-behold, some over-protective extremest group has come along and complained to Coppertone, stating their logo was “perverted and pedophilic.”

So, to keep these nothing-better-to-do’s happy, Coppertone has altered history by changing their logo and covering the kid’s caboose.

C’mon Coppertone, for real? What’s next, lengthening the dress of the Morton Salt Girl because she’s showing too much leg?

Moral: Don’t alter, modify or change successful business practices due to complaints from an insignificant percentage of your marketplace.

I guess it could have been worse… like maybe rape charges against the Cocker Spaniel…


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