Peeling Back The Obvious Truth

There’s a Dunn-Edwards paint store a couple miles from my crib. It’s a great place, nestled right there on Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard – a pretty busy street here in Scottsdale. However, there’s a serious problem looking over this establishment…

The paint is peeling off their building!

Not just here and there, but all around their illuminated sign!

So… not only are they sending a subliminal (as well as obvious) inconsistent-to-their-product message, but they’re also lighting it up at night!

C’mon guys, mix up a batch of pigment and live your truth!

How many “obvious demonstrations” of failing to adhere to your truths are you exhibiting in your business or life? Take a look around. Expose your senses. Are you talking about your company’s quick and efficient service while your staff ignores customers? Are you an efficiency expert who fails to return calls in a timely fashion? Are all of your actions in alignment with your company’s identity and position in the marketplace? If not, get grooming.

I was once in a carpet store that reeked of a moldy smell. What kind of message does that send?

Update: Painting crews have pulled the signage and are now putting down some new color at Dunn & Edwards… Woo Hoo!


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