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Are you responsible for hiring an effective expert speaker for your
group’s program?

Are you responsible for the value the speaker is to provide to your
audience in that program?

Do you want the speaker to provide a concise purpose and objective
before their program?

You’ve come to the right place!

When it comes to bringing a workshop or seminar to your group, event or breakout session, Joe Hammer realizes you have a diverse choice of presenters. If you are looking for a dynamic “No-Fluff/No-Filler” business development program for your association or group, look no further. Joe’s unconventional programs are rich with “put-to-work NOW” business strategies, customized to your program objectives… and always entertaining!

Unlike many speakers who attempt to present on a variety of subjects – Joe’s Subconscious Motivation™ and Business EXCELeration™ programs deliver energized, high-impact, take-back-and-put-to-work strategies that can be immediately and effectively implement into any business. No textbook theory, no time-worn advice – just hard-hitting “under the radar” marketing and advertising strategies that work.

Attendees LOVE the content – here’s what they have to say.

All of Joe Hammer’s programs are cleanly and professionally customized to the theme and identity of your program and include post-program bonus support material to further assist participants in quickly and effectively implementing his strategies. Joe is easy to work with and provides a great deal of pre- and post-program support.

Plus all of Joe’s programs come with his exclusive 100% Money-Back Guarantee:

So, what do you have to lose? Don’t waste any more time; let Joe put together a program that will make you look like a rock star!

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