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RESULTS... That’s really what you want out of your life and business, right?  However, in today’s competitive marketplace, entrepreneurs like you are confronted with ever-increasing challenges to get your company “fair notice,” much less effectively and powerfully stand out as the consumer’s first and obvious choice for your product or service.  That's why successful business professionals turn to Joe Hammer for help!


It’s No Longer Just About “Quality”…

Once-upon-a-time, if you offered a high-quality product or service, consumers hunted you down. It’s not that way any more. Take a look at some of the most successful companies and you’ll often discover their products and services to be inferior to those offered by their more quality-conscious competition, yet they are considerably more successful. It defies logic… but it’s a sad fact. Today’s successful business professionals understand they must re-engineer their marketing strategies psychologically and scientifically as well as logically. 

Joe Hammer and his Small Business Development Partners are ready to assist you in building, branding and positioning a highly-effective, profitable, recognized and trusted business.

Joe's Personal & Business Development Services:


Direct Response Marketing

Are you spending money on ineffective marketing? If you're exercising conventional or "industry-centered," time-worn marketing principles, you're behind the times and sabotaging your success.


Lead Generation Advertising

Are you throwing money into a rathole of ineffective advertising? Your ads, no matter the media they are placed into, must prove themselves to be successful and worthy of the investment.



Does your company and its products or services stand-out and powerfully recognized by the marketplace, or does it reflect only a generic "me-too" personality, often competing on price?


Identity Integration

Does your company reflect a consistent, coherent and powerful identity in the marketplace, or a mishmash of inconsistent, fragmented or confusing messages to the consumer?


Graphic and Web Design

Does your marketing material reflect market benefits through effective design consistency? Is your website professionally designed to generate qualified prospects for your product or service?


Systems Development

Does your business exercise effective, hassle-free systems in all aspects of day-to-day operations, or is it dependent on specific people, personalities and scattered decision-making?

Specialized Assistance:


Small Business Startup

If you're launching a small business, there's a lot more to launching it successfully than the quality of your product or service. Avoid the long learning curve are start out with success.


Subconscious Motivation

Joe's best-selling book, THE UNCONSCIOUS AUTHORITY, delves into an often under-utilized mindset that can be highly-effective in your business. Put it to work in your life and business!


Influential Communications

Culled from the content of Joe's best-selling books, The Improv Edge and Blank to Brilliant, you will discover how the principles of Improv will positively affect your communication skills.

How Can Joe Best Assist You?






What Clients and Attendees Say About Joe...

Are you interested in growing your business, while avoiding the headaches normally associated with growth?

Do you desire to attract more qualified clients? Are you determined to be a recognized expert in your industry? You'll discover highly-effective marketing and advertising tools, sharpened to maximum effectiveness. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a new business owner, you can expect results with Joe Hammer's professional assistance. Get your complimentary consultation now!

Would you like to banish limitations, get clear on your life's path or live a less stressful and more empowering life?

Are there changes you need to make in your life, relationships, career or spiritual path? Do you feel like you need more confidence or motivation to achieve the results you desire? Whether in your life or business, Joe will assist you in removing sabotaging beliefs while focusing and achieving clarity on your purpose, goals and objectives. You'll "get clear" on the direction necessary to grow the life or business you deserve. You'll have the necessary plan, tools and confidence to avoid limitations and be inspired to achieve. You'll embrace a new sense of strength, courage and confidence!

Would you like to bring high-impact business and personal development strategies to your audience?

Joe's Subconscious Motivation™, S.M.A.R.T. Marketing System™, and Business EXCELeration™ programs deliver energized, high-impact, take-back-and-put-to-work strategies that can be immediately and effectively put to work in any business. No textbook theory, no time-worn advice – just hard-hitting marketing and advertising strategies to re-position your business and experience a greater return on your advertising dollars.


Are you ready to permanently banish fears, phobias, undesired habits and emotional reactions from your life?

Joe Hammer's best-selling book, The Unconscious Authority goes beyond conventional motivational and self-help books and delves into the science and technology of what it takes to truly change... while doing it easily and effortlessly in 30 days!

Improv Edge Joe Hammer

Now you can skyrocket your confidence, improve your assertiveness, become better at problem-solving and enjoy a more creative life!

Joe Hammer's book, The Improv Edge will introduce you to essential improv skills that will assist you in creativity, spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence building, collaborative creativity and teamwork ... and all in an active and fun way! Now you can quickly undo rigid thinking, improve your social skills and boost your self-confidence!

BtoB Cover

Say goodbye to dull conversations and hello to a whole new level of engagement and productivity!

Joe Hammer's latest book, Blank to Brilliant will have you communicating more effectively, and with greater clarity, authenticity and impact! Now you can tap into your inner creativity, think outside the box and generate innovative ideas that can transform your business, team or oganization. Build confidence in your ability to communicate, lead, and collaborate with others while honing your ability to think on your feet and adapt to changing circumstances.

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