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If you recognize and desire to benefit from the focused, targeted advice of an experienced professional, you’re in the right place! As a Lifetime Entrepreneur, Joe Hammer is a personal development and small business expert who has “walked the walk.”

One of Joe’s clients referred to him as a “human encyclopedia” of life and business success tips, techniques and  strategies. He is the founder of S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Systems™, Influential Perceptioning,™ Improve with Improv™ and Small Business EXCELeration™ programs, all designed to assist business owners with more effective business advancement strategies.

Joe also assists clients in making life changes through his subconscious motivation process, Rapid Changeworks. Joe is the author of

The Unconscious Authority: How to Break Through Your Mind's Barriers, Unleash Your Dormant Wisdom and Banish Limitations in Your Life, Relationships or Career 


The Improv Edge: How the art of improv can boost your confidence, enrich your life and fast-track you to a more energized and motivated presence!

His audience members and clients have successfully put his highly-effective advice to work in their life and businesses… and you can too! Whether you desire to banish undesired patterns or habits, powerfully separate your company and its products and services from the competition, become a recognized expert in your market, assemble fail-safe systems to eliminate recurring problems, attract more desirable clients, or increase the effectiveness of your advertising and marketing efforts in today’s over-communicated world, Joe Hammer can help!

Joe's Areas
of Expertise

Direct Response Marketing

Lead Generation Advertising

Product/Service Differentiation

Identity Integration

Graphic and Web Design

Systems Development

Small Business Startup

Subconscious Motivation

Influential Presenting

Team-Building with Improv

Depending on your level of need, Joe has a variety of options available for his services. 

You can also retain Joe for telephone or interactive online coaching sessions, billed by the hour. More intensive sessions and larger project-based work are billed based on project length and scope.

Please contact Joe to discuss your needs.

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