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Powerful “Done For You” Marketing Templates to Position You as a Recognized and Trusted Expert in Your Marketplace or Industry!

Joe's Expert Positioning Package


In our hyper-competitive environment, consumers are exposed to over 3000 advertising impressions a day. From the logo on your toothpaste to the manufacturer’s emblem on the car in front of you at the red light, these consciously-unnoticed messages blast past our senses at break-neck speed.

Yesterday’s weak, “seat-of-the-pants” advertising strategies quickly get lost in the mix. Progressive entrepreneurs recognize this and utilize the power of EXPERT POSITIONING to get massive exposure – energetically leveraging their exposure in the marketplace. Further, they harness free and low-cost media placement strategies that position them outside of being just another conventional “advertiser.”

I expose dozens of these strategies at my workshops and audience members RUN to my product table to grab my EXPERT POSITIONING PACKAGE. Given the forth-coming slow-down in the meetings industry, I’m now making it available to you at my “Conference Only” Special Price…

Here’s what you’ll get:

Consumer Caffeine

You’ll become an addictive source of great information! When you are recognized by the media as an expert in your field or industry, you will get TONS of free promotion. There’s no better feeling than being a trusted and recognized expert in your marketplace!

You’ll get five powerful “done-for-you” templates to position you as a respected and recognized expert in your field. These include:

Expert One-Sheet Template – A quick and efficient one sheet will tell the media, meeting ;planner of prospect everything they need to know about you, your expertise or your informational presentation.

Expert Press Release Template – This clean, efficient and expertly formatted press release will appeal to editors, news directors and publishers, positioning you as a trusted and recognized professional in your field of expertise.

Special Report Template – Now you can publish your very own “Special Report,” “Consumer Guide” or “White Paper,” positioning you as an expert author of important information about your industry. Everybody wants to know “inside information” and this template will walk you through the steps.

Viewpoint Newsletter Template – Use this effective one-page “Viewpoint” newsletter to stay in touch and positioned in the minds of your clients and media representatives. 

PowerPoint Template – You’ll soon be offering a ten minute presentation to audiences about little-known aspects of your industry and audiences will look forward to seeing you! This clean and effective layout avoids the dreaded “bullet-point” PowerPoints and assists your in making your message clean and efficient. 

Implementation Guide – I’ll show you, step-by-step, how to put all the modules of Consumer Caffeine together to effectively position you as a respected expert.

You’ll also get…

Caffeinated Headlines – a treasure-trove of proven, successful headlines titles and bullet templates. Why start from scratch? These headline templates have proved their effectiveness, so just plug in a few words related to your industry, business or offer and off you go!

Power Graphix – An assortment of high-impact, clear background PowerPoint images to get your message across in a clean and efficient way.

Plus you’ll get Video Instructions from me. I’ll walk you through each module of Consumer Caffeine, making implementation quick and easy!

2020 Promotion Blast!

Did you know there are 1,564 Unique Special Observance Days that you can utilize to aggressively market your products and services? Fortunately for you, very few other businesses take advantage of these observances and you’ll get massive notice. One of my clients got a five minute interview on the 6 o’clock news by implementing just one. Sales exploded from his interview.

And these things ROCK on Social Media! Oh, if you consider yourself “graphically-challenged,” I’ve included access to a FREE online design center. You’ll be assembling web, social media and print graphics like a pro in no time! 

The Unconscious Authority

Are You Ready to PERMANENTLY BANISH Fears, Phobias, Undesired Habits or Emotional Reactions From Your Life? My book, The Unconscious Authority goes beyond conventional motivational and self-help books and delves into the science and technology of what it takes to truly change… while doing it easily and effortlessly in 30 days! Check out the Amazon reviews… folks love it!

Now you can get ALL THREE for only $115

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