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Hey Joe, I really want to know...

Yes, very much so. I go beyond simply placing your company or organization's name on my support material. I research your industry, your company and your competition. 

I do phone interviews with your audience members, often incorporating their comments into my presentation and materials. I review your trade publications. I’m ruthless.

And, of course, my materials will reflect the theme of your event. It’s complete customization!

My programs are available in a variety of lengths. Most can be customized to fit your available time slot. I’m also experienced and flexible enough to adapt when my presentation unexpectedly needs to be shortened or expanded. 

I will always cheerfully accommodate your needs; life’s too short.

The fact that I have worked in a wide range of industries is part of my value to your organization! Yes, every business is different, but I've found they all face many similar challenges in their marketplace and the solutions can be effectively “cross-pollinated.” Remember, the fast food industry didn’t invent the drive through window; that was the bank’s brilliant idea!

Many groups hire me to do a marketing workshop as well as a breakout or entertainment program at the same event. This provides your group a substantial discount on the second presentation while saving you a second speaker or entertainer's travel expenses! Unlike many hoity-toity speakers, I’ll also assist you in room set-up, timing and logistical parameters to best optimize my program.

Further, participants of my programs receive access to virtual VIP content – post-program support material to assist in "follow-up" of my program’s content strategies into their business.

I'm a lifetime entrepreneur. Take a look.

I’m not a high-maintenance speaker. I fly coach and I’ll treat your checkbook like it was my own (except for misplacing it). You’ll never have to deal with extravagant meal charges, rock-star frills or invoice surprises with me. Now, doesn’t that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

As a professional entertainer (comedy magician, stage hypnotist and improv player), I’ve worked the comedy clubs. I know the difference between their stage and your platform. Clean, non-offending humor is an integral part of my presentations – and my audiences love it.

Food is most always part of the program. There won’t be any problem. Plus, I like to eat. 

I'll handle all the details of your event in a professional and timely manner. I keep my expenses to a bare minimum. You will not be charged for meals while I’m on the road. You will never have extravagant expenses of any kind charged to your master account.

If I am in your market conducting another program, my airfare will be divided equally between clients. You will find me to be easy to work with. I haven’t reached the egotistical and grumpy speaker stage in my career yet.

As soon as you engage my services and complete the pre-program questionnaire, I will begin my research. This includes my interviewing you briefly by phone. 

I may also request a few back issues of your industry trade publications, newsletters, corporate reports, as well as a list of your group’s “movers and shakers” who will be present at my program to be interviewed. It’s all spelled out in the questionnaire. 

50% of my fee will hold your date, with the remaining balance on the day of my presentation. Pretty straightforward stuff.

All of Joe Hammer’s programs are cleanly and professionally customized to the theme and identity of your program and include post-program bonus support material to further assist participants in quickly and effectively implementing his strategies. Joe is easy to work with and provides a great deal of pre- and post-program support. Plus all of Joe’s programs come with his exclusive 100% No-Bull Money-Back Guarantee.

Bring one of Joe's powerful personal and business development programs to your next event!
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