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Here's What They Have to Say About Joe Hammer...

Here’s what audience attendees and meeting planners have to say about Joe Hammer’s expertise, presentations and program content.

Oh, and about Joe’s testimonials?… They’re legit. 

We have no reason to use fraudulent testimonials that are oh-so prevalent on the Internet. Hard copies of these and many more testimonials and comments are on file in our office. Joe Hammer will have your audience talking… guaranteed.

I wrote national TV advertising for over 20 years. Joe’s information is the best I’ve ever seen in one course!
John Koenig
Providence, RI
I came away from your workshop full of fire! Some of the courses I attend caused me to feel the presenter was “holding back” the good stuff, but yours was filled to the brim! Thanks for sharing your marketing secrets with us!
John Hudson
One of the best workshops I’ve ever attended! Fast-paced, packed with great information and tips; stuff I will begin using right away!
Anne King
Boerne, TX
Joe Hammer magically weaves together universal principles, scientific data about how the mind works, and loads of contemporary humor. He’s a natural for bringing a fresh approach to applying spiritual ideas to the changes many really want to make. A gem!
Rev Karen Russo
Phoenix, AZ
Since attending Joe Hammer’s workshop nearly a year ago, I have put many of his marketing techniques into practice and have increased our membership revenue by 23%! Joe’s program was not only beneficial to our business, but was also fun and entertaining!
Beth Alban
Massilon, OH
Joe’s program helped me realize how I was blending in with my competition. I now know how to differentiate my services in a way that appeals to the emotional buying process of my potential clients.
Erick Kaind
San Diego, CA
Your talk today was amazing. You contributed to my life and the lives of many today and I am sending a great big THANK YOU!
Maureen Geraghty
Phoenix, AZ
I was impressed with the tremendous amount of information Joe shared with us in a short period of time. Joe is a marketing professional and his seminar is chocked full of ideas.
Tommy Vee
Salem, NH
Joe is a no-nonsense, knowledgeable, informative and fascinating person. His work can make you money! Terrific seminar!
Marilyn Gordon
Oakland, CA
Your program alone was worth the price of the entire conference.
JD Carr
West Haven, CT
Your “four factors to success”’ and “stealth marketing” ideas of non-traditional methods for advertising are extremely effective. The program was well received by our group, but the highlight of the presentation was in your very own classy style of teaching. You are a master at it! Your knowledge of marketing techniques by far surpasses any workshops that I have taken and I would highly recommend your program for anyone in business.
Jerry Valley
Methuen, MA
Outstanding program! The most valuable course I took this year.
Richard Rumble
Dana Point, CA
Joe used humor to point out weaknesses in our advertising without making us feel unintelligent!
Pat Sievert
Strongsville, OH
Joe’s program was the most lively and attention-keeping program I have seen. His message was a no-nonsense approach to effective marketing.
Dennis Loreman
Bristol, PA
I now have a much better brochure design and marketing plan. I was able to get a lot of great ideas for marketing my business from you. I am excited to put your ideas to work for me!
Linda Miller
Garden City, KS
I was totally confused about print advertising until Joe cleared the fog!
Robert Bayliss
Nashville, TN
Joe is one of the best presenters who knows how to get positive results. He is the advertising GURU!
Jim Wedge
Sturbridge, MA
Joe is very generous with his information. He puts more useful information in his program than any others I’ve attended.
Fred Dunn
Enfield, NH
Joe Hammer is an expert in getting your message out!
Jillian LaVelle
Bonita Springs, FL
Best program I’ve ever attended at the national convention. Joe is a true professional.
Rich Guzzi
Mt Sinai, NY
Joe’s 50 minute program was the best of the convention!
Kay Jacobson
Reistertown, MD
Very informative and packed with clear examples. It was fabulous!
Amanda Campbell
Hope. RI
Fantastic program! Clear, straight forward and well organized. Thanks!
Dar Brooks
Prior Lake, HMN
Fast-paced and extremely informative program.
Bill Sadick
Seymour, CT
Joe’s “Triggers” Workshop is packed with usable and practical tools that we can use immediately to increase our successful application and use the Law of Attraction. If you’re ready to break through limits, take this workshop!
Rev Jill Clements
Phoenix, AZ
Joe is a gifted speaker. He is a powerful communicator and is laser-clear with delivering his message. He inspires change because he is able to simplify concepts so you can just jump in and work on manifesting.
Kathie Scherff
Phoenix, AZ
Joe has amazing energy and speaks of real life experiences. All of his examples and analogies made the subject matter approachable and applicable in everyday life.
Colleen Frisbie
Phoenix, AZ

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Direct Response Marketing


Lead Generation Advertising




Identity Integration


Graphic and Web Design


Systems Development


Small Business Startup


Subconscious Motivation


Influential Presenting


It feels just amazing when one can take control of what couldn’t be achieved before! Not only my life is changing but the ones around me are feeling that powerful change as well. Kids, family, co-workers and friends! I highly recommend this book to everyone!

- Amazon Review

The Improv Edge

I loved this book! It shows the unique structure of improv and of the opportunity it gives people to break out of their own shell, shine, and add some real creative time to their life. It is empowering and absolutely my idea of great fun. It helps encourage those feeling some boredom with their work and life a place to go to have their own funny bone tickled and even by their own work !

- Amazon Review

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