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The Unconscious Authority

Modifications in our behaviors are most often ineffective and short-lived. Experiencing true life change is more than setting intentions, reading affirmations or the annual and most-always-failing New Year’s “Resolutions”…

The Unconscious Authority goes beyond conventional motivational and self-help books and delves into the science and technology of what it takes to truly change, easily and effortlessly in 30 days. You’ll witness how author Joe Hammer’s clients have powerfully banished undesired life challenges, in minutes! The Unconscious Authority will set the sails on a brand-new you!

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The Improv Edge
The Improv Edge will introduce you to essential improv skills that will assist you in creativity, spontaneity, listening, acceptance, confidence building, collaborative creativity and teamwork ... and all in an active and fun way! Now you can quickly undo rigid thinking, improve your social skills and boost your self-confidence.

Who can benefit from The Improv Edge?

  • Improvisers desiring to hone their skills with a more detail-centered approach that’s real, grounded and fun!
  • Actors looking to add improvisation to their toolbox, making for better auditions and more callbacks!
  • Speakers who want to add more energy, punch and spontaneity to their presentations!
  • Businesses and Organizations desiring more creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork and leadership in their organization.
  • Team Leaders who want to empower their team in generating more ideas, increased agility and collaboration during team meetings.
  • Anyone who wants to skyrocket their confidence, improve their assertiveness, become better at problem solving and enjoy a more creative life!

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